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Hotels & resorts in ParoNaksel hotel and Spa

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Hotels & resorts in ThimphuHotel Norbuling

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Hotels & resorts in PunakhaDhensa Boutique Resort


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Date: 09-27-2012

Bhutan.la is looking for images and other user generated content.

By bhutantraveltrips 03-05-2019

Bhutan Travel Agent

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By luxurybhutantravel 12-07-2018

Travel to Happiness Kingdom In the World

By admin 04-10-2014

According to Kuensel, tour operators are expecting more tourist in the Spring season which starts with Paro Tsechu festival.

By anonymousUser 10-24-2012

Bhutan foundation helps fund the documentation of Wangduechhoeling Palace

By admin 10-16-2012

A great article on Chubhu hot spring from Bhutan Observer

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Cafe Bistro
Category : Restaurants & cafes
Date added :05-08-2014

Cafe Bistro is a new bakery in Paro which has run by the former pastry chef at Amankora. It has a decent selection of pastries and cakes as well as bread and croissants. This restaurant has recieved good reviews on tripadvisor and the other sites.

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