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The Zone

Location : Thimphu Rating :

The Zone at Changlam is a pub, cafe, and restaurant rolled into one. Very cozy, with seating areas tucked into corners and along the bar if you?d rather chat with the proprietor, The Zone can be as private or social as you?d like to make it. It offers a wide range of specials, from the very Bhutanese Pork Ribs and Rice, to Hamburgers and Spaghetti. It also offers free WiFi.


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The Zone Restaurant
bhutanchronicles.com review of the Zone

This one is a standby for burgers and fries for many. Until recently, it inexplicably topped Tripadvisor?s rankings for best restaurant in town. There is a yak burger on the menu, but it has not been available any time I have tried to order it. The veggie burger option is just fried potatoes on a bun, so a bit of a nonstarter, and feel free to ensure that they give you more than a dozen shoestring fries on the side.

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