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Hotels & resorts

  Name LocationRating
ThimphuHotel Jumolhari Thimphu
ThimphuWangchuk Thimphu Thimphu
ThimphuTerma Linca ~ Treasure Cottages Thimphu
ThimphuHotel Migmar Thimphu
ThimphuHotel Druk Thimphu Thimphu
ThimphuTaj Tashi Thimphu
ParoUma Paro Paro
ParoZhiwaling Hotel Paro
ThimphuAmankora Thimphu Thimphu
BumthangChumey Nature Resort Bumthang
BumthangSwiss Guest House Bumthang
BumthangKaila Guest House Bumthang
ParoTashi Namgay Resort Paro
BumthangJakar Village Lodge Bumthang
ParoPelri cottages Paro
ThimphuNamgay Heritage Hotel Thimphu
WangdueDragon's Nest Hotel Wangdue
ThimphuBhutan suites Thimphu
ThimphuWangchuck Resort Thimphu
MongarWangchuck Hotel Mongar Mongar
ThimphuHotel Riverview Thimphu
ParoAmankora Paro Paro
PunakhaAmankora Punakha Punakha
PhobjikhaAmankora Gangtey Phobjikha
BumthangAmankora Bumthang Bumthang
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