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Dewachen Hotel

Location : Phobjikha

Encircled by pine forests in the hidden valley of Phobjikha ? Gantey Gompa, home to the very rare Black Necked cranes, the Dewachen Hotel features sixteen double rooms, modern bathroom fittings, heavenly bedding comforts, and a restaurant with a magnificent view and the finest cuisine prepared by a professional chef.

At Dewachen, you?ll find each detail well thought of and your needs anticipated each time you return. For your enjoyment and recreation, we have a cocktail lounge, horse riding facilities, and cultural programs on request and for a fee. A traditional hot stone bath to unwind and end your day. With a capacity to accommodate 30 persons, our medium sized, convention hall equipped with support facilities can easily handle your most ambitious conventions.

With rooms heated by iron stove and hot water bags in your bed, the coldest days and nights are not a challenge. So come away to unwind and enjoy being pampered and catered to. After spending a little time with us, you?ll come away looking at life with a difference.


Last Updated :01-31-2012 Link :http://www.dewachenhotel.com/
Dewachen Hotel
Fri Feb 03 21:32:26 EST 2012

I really like this hotel for its nice interiors, decors, spacey room, and it just looks class and comfortable (not to mention it has quite a good view of the Phobjikha valley). But there are 2 problems that I feel need improvement: (1) Occasional power outage (main issue in the region), and (2) food quality is rather sub-standard. Highly recommended (considering the room rate) for any traveler, be it solo or family.

By : vbudihardjo
Never stayed in Dewachen
Sat Feb 04 23:55:31 EST 2012

I have never stayed at Dewachen or been to Phobjikha, However it does look like a very decent hotel from their photos. I am sure the power situation will improve as time goes by. Food is a big problem in Bhutan for visitors, mainly because Bhutan doesn't have a restaurant or street food culture that's part of most Asian countries.

By : anonymousUser
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