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Janka Resort

Location : Paro

Blending the comforts of modern amenities with village life-style, Janka Resort offers its guests the best of both worlds. Set amidst paddy fields and an old village house, visitors enjoy glimpses of rural life in Bhutan. In a serene and calm setting, the resort is located a few minutes drive from all tourist attraction in paro. The location is suitable for those who wish to enjoy fresh air and tranquility. In spring, women engaged in plantation and men steering ploughs humming to old melodies, a scene lost in most parts of urban Bhutan, can be seen from resort.

In summer, the resort is surrounded in the rich colour of the ripening paddy. Come autumn the people are back in the fields cutting, threshing and winnowing the harvest from dawn till dusk.

We strive to make your stay with us comfortable and enriching. Janka Resort offers its guests a lifetime experience of being close to nature in peaceful and quiet surroundings. For interested guests, participation in rural farming can be arranged.

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Janka Resort Janka Resort
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