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Naksel hotel and Spa

Location : Paro

Nak-Sel, a community-based project that is eco friendly and Energy Saver efficient, blends the heritage of traditional Bhutanese architecture and the comfort of modern amenities. Elaborate hand-carved pillars and beautiful stonework exemplify the essence of Bhutan while tapered mud-brick walls provide insulation and restful silence. Leading Bhutan in energy efficiency, Nak-Sel features Swedish under floor heating systems, LED lighting, and highly efficient water heaters, preheated by solar panels. Main construction materials for Nak-Sel are indigenous and locally purchased. Traditional windows, mud-bricks, framework and even furniture were locally crafted here in Ngoba Village, connecting Nak-Sel to the surrounding forest.

Adorned with cultural beauty, rooted in the peace of nature.


Last Updated :05-04-2014 Link :http://www.naksel.com/ Images
Naksel Hotel Naksel Hotel Naksel Hotel Naksel Hotel
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