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Samyae Resort

Location : Bumthang

Samyae Resort is located few minutes walk from the main town area. Bumthang town which lies in the central part of Bhutan is about 7-8 hours drive from the capital cityt, Thimphu. Most of the tourist who visit Bhutan makes their visit to Bumthang. The religious and precious sites of Bumthang makes it a wonderful tourism destination of Bhutan.

Samyae Resort is a newly established resort aimed at accomodating visitors who would like to have a wonderful and peaceful stay with a hospitable environment whie they are in Bumthang. The scenic and picturesque view from the resort makes the resort a perfect place for visitors interested in photography to stay with us. Resort is located few minutes walk from the main town area, therefore making the resort easily accessible for visitors to go and visit the nearby attractions (Cultural Tourism).


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Samyae Resort Samyae Resort Samyae Resort
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