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Terma Linca ~ Treasure Cottages

Location : Thimphu

Nestled between the immense and majestic Himalayan Mountains, lies the uncommon and unusual 'Dragon Kingdom' or 'Home to Happiness' known as Bhutan. Terma Linca Resort and Spa welcomes you as you take in the style and charm of our country. Our luxury 30-rooms resort is located in a serene setting where nature's treasures abound. Our rooms are aesthetically pleasing, blending Bhutanese architecture with modern comfort and conveniences.

The natural beauty of the river that weaves throughout the property lets your mind relax while you breathe in the crisp fresh air and the fragrant smells of nature. The stunning mountain landscape surrounding the resort gives you a sense that you are truly in a 'perfect getaway'.

Unwind with our special spa services chiefly designed to provide our guests with an oasis of luxury and tranquility. You cannot get enough of our Hot Stone bath which is enough to transport you faraway as if you were not already! Our riverside bar, gives you a spectacular view of the bucolic river flowing by, in addition to being captivated by its natural calming sound. Take pleasure in trying out a variety of cuisines at our exclusive Aie's restaurant which is a Multi-Cuisine restaurant and Apa's restaurant, our exclusive Traditional Bhutanese restaurant. The resort takes pride in having its own organic vegetable and herb garden.

Terma Linca is the epitome of Bhutanese luxury living. Resting on the curve of the Thimphu river it captures the majestic scenery that Bhutan is. Just five minutes ride from the rustling capital Thimphu and approximately fifty minutes drive from Paro International Airport, it is an ideal spot for those seeking the buzz of the city. The location, together with its elegant architecture and refined simplicity, gives Terma Linca an understated magical lull to it. So peaceful one can simply sit by the river banks and watch the world go by

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