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Zhiwaling Hotel

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The 45-room Zhiwa Ling hotel combines the sensibilities of a fine Bhutanese guesthouse with the best of 21st Century technology. Envisioned and created by a local Bhutanese company, the hotel?s elaborate hand-carved wooden cornices and masterful stonework coexist beautifully with cutting-edge telecommunication systems and Swedish under-floor heating.

Recently the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) announced the Tourist Accommodation classifications. Zhiwa Ling Hotel is the first and only wholly Bhutanese owned hotel to receive a 5 star rating. Zhiwa Ling Hotel is the only Bhutanese owned hotel and one of only two in the country to be ISO22000 certified.

Set on 10 acres, Zhiwa Ling has many amenities available to guests. The spa offers all the facilities guests could want; a fitness centre, sauna, steam room as well as a traditional Bhutanese outdoor hot-stone bath. There is a business centre, Tea House, two fully equipped conference rooms, a Meditation House and the hotel has it's own greenhouse. The two restaurants specialise in contemporary international cuisine and classic Bhutanese dishes. Gathering at the Mad Monk Bar for a pre dinner drink or after-hours fun is a highlight for guests.

Honoring the spiritual heritage of this ancient Buddhist kingdom, a temple has been built into the second floor of the hotel, made with 450-year-old timbers from the famous Gangtey Monastery, the crowning glory of this new cultural landmark.


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Zhiwaling Zhiwaling Zhiwaling Zhiwaling
In a class of it's own as far Bhutanese hotels go.

I didn't really stay at this hotel however I had a chance to visit someone who was staying in one of suites. The first thing that really made an impression as I entered the hotel premises where the grounds. They seemed to have been professionally landscaped and taken care. This is somewhat unusual for hotels in Bhutan.

The lobby and main main entrance hallway area with it's very high ceiling very impressive and huge. So big in fact, I almost felt that they'd wasted all that space instead of using it for something else.

Since I didn't stay at this hotel, I can't really comment on the service or the rooms.

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