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Bhutan Observer

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Bhutan Observer is a private limited company operating with 50 staff in editorial, commercial, administration, and management sections. Much has been accomplished since our inauguration, but we are not complacent. Instead, we continuously and vigorously strive to improve and up-grade the quality of our paper, and to achieve this end we have not shied away from enlisting some of the best professionals in the print media field. Providing the public with unbiased and objective news is our passion and our goal. To this, we remain steadfast.

Last Updated :05-03-2014 Link :http://www.bhutanobserver.bt/
Great resource for anyone wanting to catch up current event in Bhutan

This is great resource for anyone who wants to catch with some of the current events in Bhutan. The article here tend to be longer and better researched than the one's at Kuensel online the government back newspaper and it seems to cover a wide range of topics. The website seems to well designed and has a very professional look and feel, something that can't be said of most Bhutanese news website

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