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Tourism Council of Bhutan's website

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The tourism council of Bhutan is the official governmment body which is responsible for planning, implementing and promoting tourism policy in Bhutan. Their website has a wealth of information about Bhutan as well as the most official and up to date list of tour operators, guides and festival dates.

Last Updated :10-09-2013 Link :http://www.tourism.gov.bt/
Pretty good resource could use a ui enhancement

This website was recently comepletely redone is a big improvement over the old site. Being the official website, they have the most up to date and comprehensive list of tour operator and guides, as well as festival dates. There is also detailed information on various aspects of Bhutanese culture coupled with very good photographs. The user interface on the site could use a little improvement in soe areas. The white on purple background used in some places like the navigation menu and the tour operator and tour guides listing page a little hard to read.

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