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The website provides you with precise understanding and extensive choice over the location of Bhutan hotels, hotel facilities & services, room tariff & amenities, contact address and any other additional information with pictures. hotel.bt also provides star rating of Bhutan hotels as per Tourism Council of Bhutan's classification.

hotel.bt further includes information on car rentals in Bhutan (http://www.hotel.bt/car-rental... and provides links to information on Bhutan and travelling in Bhutan under Travel Guide (

Hotel.bt">http://www.hotel.bt/travel-gui... works very closely with all the hotels and car-rental agencies in order to provide our site-visitors with efficient and exhaustive awareness on choice of hotels or car rental. Valid and reliable information is ensured with enduring commitment to update all information on the website as and when required or provided by hotels and relevant agencies.

Hotel.bt is very keen on receiving feedback from our valued site-visitors, not only to improve our current services, but also to provide additional services and information if the need is required. Hotel.bt is hopeful for proactive recommendations and suggestions to further improve the site for better information broadcasting and convenience to site users. Hotel.bt is always reachable and connected at all the time. (http://www.hotel.bt/feedback/)

Last Updated :05-04-2014 Link :http://www.hotel.bt
Comprehensive listing, interface could do with an improvement

This site seems to have a comprehensive listing of hotels, along with information and images of all the hotels listed . However, all of the oversized flashing ads along the left hand side and the top makes it very hard ton concentrate on the content. The color color theme too could be redone.

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