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Crocodile Breeding center

Location : Phuentsholing Rating :

The Norgay crocodile breeding farm in Phuentsholing contains six crocodiles and fifteen alligators. The breeding farm was established in 1981 with two gharials or alligator and two magars. The idea was to increase their numbers and release them into their natural habitat. The species are native to countries like Bhutan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan. Apparently, hundreds of people both locals and tourists visit the mini-zoo daily to see the most frightening reptiles, which are highly endangered species


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Crocodile Breeding center Crocodile Breeding center
These place is definitely worth a visit

Although it's been a long time since I have visited this place, I think this place is definitely worth a visit especially if you're Bhutanese. After all it's not everyday you get to see crocodile and alligators in Bhutan. There are lots of them in a somewhat cramped area, all sunning themselves completely motionless, some of them with their snouts wide open. There are also quite a few ghariels in the mix and you can tell them apart because they have pointy thin snouts, compared the regular crocodiles and are uglier as result

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Kuensel article on the crocodile breeding program
Tue Mar 25 14:10:30 EDT 2014

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