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Dobji Dzong

Location : Haa

At an altitude of 6,600 feet, Dokar or Dogar is situated en-route to Haa, under Paro Dzongkhag. The name Dokar is derived from the fact that there is ?Five White Boulders of Cattle size? which still lay in the main village of Dogar. Through the course of time, the name changed from Dokar to Dogar, most probably, because of the fact that there are many stone quarries in this area. Dogar meaning: stone camp or village. Dogar Dobji Dzong is believed to be the first model Dzong in Bhutan.

The Dzong was built in 1531 AD by Ngawang Chhogyal. It is 2 km away from the motor able roadway. Chhogyal brought with him 100 carpenters and masons from Druk Ralung to build the centre tower. The Dzong was built on a cliff facing the eastern wing to the narrow ravine of Pachhu-Wangchhu River. Later, the Dzong and all it?s surroundings were destroyed in an earthquake of great magnitude; with the exception of the centre tower which by popular belief, survived because of a sacred Terma (the statue of Guru Langdarchen), housed in the top floor of the Dzong. This statue is believed to have spoken when the Tibetan King Langdarma tried to destroy it by smashing the left ear with a hammer.

Today the official Dzong is the five storied Utse. Initially the Dzong was used as one of the main centers to propagate Drukpa Kagyu teachings in Bhutan. Ngawang Chhogyal?s descendants preserved close ties with the Bhutanese people and frequently visited the centre to preach the doctrine of the Drukpa Kagyu tradition. Dogar Dobji Dzong later became a winter retreat for the monk body; when Hungrel Dzong was built in Paro, by Lama Drung Drung. Dobji Penlop was then appointed to look after the Dzong, the local administration, and to collect taxes in kind from the public residing in the area from Jangwaphuchay in Paro extending to Toko-Gelay in the south. Since then Dogar Dobji Dzong became the headquarters of Dobji Penlop.

Later the post of Penlop was abolished throughout the country and Dobji Penlop was no exception. This rendered Dogar Dobji Dzong useless. In 1976, the Dzong was renovated into a jail with additional structures constructed to house the prisoners.


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Dobji Dzong
So is this dzong considered to be Paro or Haa
Fri Sep 28 16:30:05 EDT 2012

The tourism council of Bhutan's website has this Dzong listed under Haa however some websites list this being under the Paro Dzong. Which one is correct. We currently have this listed under Haa since there's very few resources under the Haa section

By : admin
Dobji Dzong
Mon Feb 03 04:25:50 EST 2014

Dobji Dzong falls under Paro Dzongkhang. Logically when Dawakha is under Paro, obviously Dobji Dzong will be under Paro because Dobji is comes before Dawakha...

Just my view

By : anonymousUser
Dobji Dzong
Tue Feb 11 12:40:07 EST 2014

Thank you for the information on Dobji Dzong. We'll make sure it entered properly in our system. Please let us know if you have any additional information on this dzong.

By : admin
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