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Dochula Pass

Location : Punakha

Dochula pass is located about 30 kilometers(20 miles) away from Thimphu on the way to Punakha. This pass a popular sightseeing stopover because it offers panoramic views of the Bhutanese Himalayan range. It also is the site Druk Wangyel chorten which were commissioned by the eldest queen mother. The pass is also popular spiritual place for both locals and tourists because of an important temple that is located on the crest of Dochula pass.

Dochula is popular picnicking spot, and many local from Thimphu will stop for a picnic here on their way to Punakha and beyond. For the visitors and photographers, this is on eh of the few spots in Bhutan where one can capture expansive panoromic ranges of the bhutanese himalays in one shot.

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