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Gom Kora

Location : Trashigang

The great black rock of Gom Kora in Tashi Yangste district is one of the most sacred places in eastern Bhutan. After a twenty minute drive from Tashigang one reaches the holy rock near a river in an oasis like setting with trees, paddy fields, and banana groves. Guru Rimpoche subdued an evil dragon here crushing it into the rock leaving impressions of the dragon?s body and his hat. Guru Rimpoche also hid a Tshebum or vase containing the water of immortality inside the rock. Pilgrims may be fortunate to have opportunity to taste the water if it trickles out of the rock when they visit.

The Gom Kora Tsechu is a three day vestival featuring dances and draws big crowds.


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Gom Kora
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