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Handicraft Emporium of Bhutan

Location : Thimphu

The handicraft of Bhutan has played a very important role in terms of distinctly maintaining the country's unique culture and tradition. It has also contributed and continues to contribute significantly towards satisfying the socio-economic needs of the people.

Realizing the deep rooted socio-economic significance of the cottage industry of Bhutan, the late third king His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuck commanded the Ministry of Trade and Industry to take suitable measures to promote and develop the cottage industry sector. Late His Majesty was of the firm belief that cottage industry was the foundation on which Bhutan?s industrial future should be built. At the same time, Late His Majesty also believed that the traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan which reflected the way of life and culture of Bhutanese people were fast dying out and there was a need to take appropriate measures to conserve and promote them. In keeping with this command, the ministry of trade and industry (now renamed as Ministry of Economic Affairs) decided that the first step to be taken to help the rural people/cottage industry sector would be to set up an organized marketing outlet for various cottage industry products. At the same time, need had been felt by the government for a central place where all kinds of traditional handicraft products would be available so that visitors desirous of purchasing souvenirs and mementos could have an easy access to them.


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