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Yakhang Lhakhang

Location : Mongar

The Yakhang Lhakhang is a privately owned monastery founded by Lama Sangdag, the 6th son of Terton Pema Lingpa. It is 20 minutes walk from the Mongar town.

The monastery stands as one of the great cultural significance as it is a repository of a full range of spiritual treasures and other sacred objects known to have discovered by Terton Pema Lingpa. As Pema Lingpa is the quintessential Bhutanese master and was completely homegrown, all his work for the benefit of beings happened here in Bhutan and he is really the epitome of Bhutan. The teachings and religious practices are maintained without decline in values and behavior in strict accordance with Peling traditions. This is the only monastery which is preserved untouched, modified in its pure tradition and culture of Buddhism in the east.

Corresponding to Trel Da Tshechu commemorating the birth anniversary of Guru Rinpoche on the 10 day of 5th Bhutanese month, the Yakgang monastery host the above Tshechu for three days. The Tshechu ( Tertoenpa Chham, naked dance similar to the festival at Jambay Lhakhang, Bumthang normally goes for three days however due to financial problem it is shortened to one day). Before the Mongar dzong was built the Yakgang Tshechu was the only Tshechu performed annually to mark the annual festival at Mongar

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