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Restaurants & cafes

  Name LocationRating
ThimphuBhutan Kitchen Thimphu
ThimphuSwiss Bakery Thimphu
ThimphuArt Cafe Thimphu
Image NA ThimphuBenez Restaurant Thimphu
Image NA ThimphuKhamsa Coffee House Thimphu
Image NA ThimphuJichu Drake Bakery Thimphu
ThimphuBaan Thai Thimphu
ThimphuKarma Cofee House Thimphu Thimphu
Image NA PhuentsholingYanky's Burgers, Hotdogs and More Phuentsholing
Image NA PhuentsholingPastry Shop Phuentsholing
ThimphuDruk Hotel Restaurant Thimphu
Image NA ThimphuPlums Cafe Thimphu
Image NA ThimphuSeasons Pizzaria Thimphu
Image NA ThimphuRice Bowl Thimphu
Image NA ThimphuZimchu Dining Thimphu
ThimphuAmbient Cafe Thimphu
ParoYegyel Restaurant and Cafe Paro
ParoBhukari at UMA Paro
ParoTshernyoen's Cafe Paro
ParoSonam Trophel Restaurant Paro
PhuentsholingPause and Taste Phuentsholing
PhuentsholingZen Restaurant Phuentsholing
PunakhaBukhari at Uma Punakha Punakha
ThimphuA La Carte Thimphu
Image NA ThimphuMK Restaurant Thimphu
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