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MK Restaurant

Location : Thimphu Rating :

Centrepoint Shopping Centre (next to the main cinema hall). Popular with Japanese and serves Japanese, Bhutanese, and Indian dishes. After you order your food you'll have quite a long wait, but, for the price, this is the best restaurant in town. Go for the Japanese food, but everything is tasty.


Last Updated :05-04-2014
bhutanchronicles.com review of MK Restauraurant

This one somehow avoided detection for a few months, during which we definitely missed out. This gem, located upstairs in Centre Point Mall, has a lovely Japanese menu including Gyoza, Miso Soup, Tempura, Teriyaki and a few other delicacies. Best visited when you have time and a crossword puzzle to complete, the excellent food is definitely worth the wait. Visiting in small numbers to prevent egregious waiting times. The owner is charming and always willing to come out of the kitchen to translate something on the menu. Unfortunately, there is no sushi, but our favourites are the gyoza and smoked eggplant. (Best to avoid the omelet roll whose special sauce is ketchup.)


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