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Bhutan Bigfoot Trekkers

Bhutan Bigfoot Trekkers (Tours) is the epitome of uniqueness among the leading tours and trekking and adventures agencies in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. As the name suggests, it is as unique and mysterious as the myths and stories of the Bigfoot itself. Our vision is to usher you to the realms of the hidden mysteries and wonders of the heavenly Bhutan. As you set your foot on Bhutan, you are sure to be uplifted and enlivened to a place close to heaven. An absolutely awe-inspiring feeling is certainly going to take over your heart. Once in Bhutan, you will be drowsing away your time in the atmosphere of serene peace and tranquility. The travels will be full of mesmerizing moments through the meandering roads and the natural splendor that shroud the young Himalayan Mountains. Your stay with us in Bhutan will be finer than you have ever been anywhere in the world. Bhutan is an exotic haven by nature but we make it into true seventh heaven for you. As far as your comfort and our hospitality is concerned, it a home far away from home


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