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Drukpa Holidays

Drukpa Holidays is a licensed in-bound travel agent based in Thimphu established to cater the needs of the globe-trotters having interest to sojourn in Bhutan, the only country in the world whose socio-economic development is measured by Gross National Happiness (GNH) in lieu of Gross Domestic Product.

While Drukpa Holidays specializes in personalized services catering to the individual needs of the clienteles, we also offer the standard tour services offered by other Bhutanese travel agents. Further, we have nurtured our skills over the years in personalized services, providing reliable, trustworthy and comfortable services to every visiting tourist in compliance with the essence of Bhutanese hospitality. Our philosophy is dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Tour itineraries can consequently be designed harmonizing the individual needs of the clienteles. If you choose to travel with us, we will furnish all the detailed information to make a befitting tour itinerary for a culturally rich and spiritually rewarding odyssey to Bhutan, which will remain in your memory forever.

Bhutan has been known indigenously as Drukyul or the Land of the Dragon and Drukpas means its people. As the very name basically implies, Drukpa Holidays was started with a sole objective of delivering services in a uniquely Bhutanese spirits and you will certainly have no regrets opting us to sojourn in the sacred land of Drukpas.


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