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Riksin Bhutan

Riksin Bhutan Tours & Treks guarantees only the best services and offers you a holiday away from the distractions of daily life.

We recognize that time spend in the magnificent surroundings of Bhutan is a comfort for the traveler?s soul and therefore we have only the most skilled guides, who will travel with you to sites of rich history and significance, visit the most breathtaking locations and monuments of the country, witness the age-old festivals of the Kingdom and point to things the untrained eyes may miss on adventurous journeys in the heart of Bhutan.

Leave behind your world and experience ours; and we will ensure that your visit is as unique and remarkable as the place we are proud to call home. Riksin Bhutan Tours Treks invite you to explore the Kingdom of Bhutan with us, and feel at one with the country?s breath-taking beauty and warmth of the Bhutanese people.

Just an email or a call, you can get our response within 24 hours.


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