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Scan Bhutan tours

Bhutan is a beautiful country endowed with nature's extravagance and glory and visiting this country is an experience worth a lifetime. At ScanBhutan Tours, we believe in being a partner and a friend to anyone visiting Bhutan.

We specialize in providing tour packages to every part of Bhutan. We have experienced tour guides licensed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan specialized in providing customized tours to both small and large groups of tourists. We provide cultural and trekking services according to the choice of our guests.

Bhutan is very popular for its development philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) which attempts to value human wellbeing and happiness over material growth. ScanBhutan Tours believes in living up to the philosophy of GNH and we strive to make all our guests experience the happiness abounding this small country.

We believe in befriending all guests coming to Bhutan and we believe in creating a wonderful relationship which we will be able to cherish throughout our lives. We are in the business of making friends.


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