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Yeoong Travel, Bhutan

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Yeoong Travel is a licensed tour operating company staffed with a team of highly experienced and professional tour managers and guides. We take pride in providing unmatched quality of service. Satisfaction of our clients is our main concern. We give you glimpses of the breathtaking wonders of the eastern Himalayas in the hope that it will inspire you to travel and experience at first hand the thrill of discovery for yourself.

We hope that you will find this web-site of assistance in planning your vacation to Bhutan and finding suitable services. Yeoong Travel puts its emphasis on the ability to appeal to a broad range of visitors with our quality travel packages and custom-made tours. Do feel comfortable to contact us with enquires; we are willing to assist you with your travel to Bhutan.

The promoter of Yeoong Travel Chimey has more than 10 years experienced in travel industry. He worked as freelance tour guide in various travel companies in Bhutan.

We are confident to make our clients happy and their stays memorable before they leave our land since we have long term field experiences with clients and we are specialist in our own fields : trekking, mountain biking, motor biking ,cultural guiding, river rafting & kayaking , photography tour, birding, filming, meditation.

All clients are escorted by the trained, knowledgeable and competent English ? speaking guides, certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. We can also provide the services of other language speaking guides: French, German and Japanese with pre notice and at additional cost.

All hotels and luxury lodges during your stay recognized by the Department of Tourism.

All of the tours on this website have been designed with flexibility in mind. Your itinerary and requests are welcome and departures are not fixed. Visitors, feel free to email or call us, any time, so that we can custom tailor a program for you.

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Bhutan Trip 20days with Yeoong Travels

Tour: 20 days through Bhutan from Samdrup Jongkhar to Puentsholing

Date: 29 Oct 2011 - 16 Nov 2011

Participants: 5 adults

tour highlights:

- unique & authentic trekking East Bhutan

- homestays

- cultural (people & festivals)

- architecture

Travel agent Bhutan: Yeoong Travels

Yeoong Travels

GPO Thimphu, Post Box No. 1704

Kingdom of Bhutan

Fax No : +975 8271151

Phone No : +975 8 271941

Mobile No : +975 17111731

Website: http://www.bhutantourpackage.c... http://www.bhutantourpackage.c... info: dirkverboven@hotmail.com

Please note as English isn?t my native language I?ve tried to write this report to my best practice.

Already since a long time we planned to visit Bhutan but due to the cost we moved this destination further down onto our « to do » list. A planned trip to the African continent was cancelled. It also came to my attention that the Bhutanese government would increase the cost to visit Bhutan drastically and with a strong Euro currency we decided to go to Bhutan.

Together with mr. Chime of Yeoong Travels we setup a travel program which included a 4 days trekking in East Bhutan, the highlight of our holiday. Although no info was found about this trek, mr.Chime promised me it would be a unique, very remote and authentic trekking?.and I have to admit, he was right, it was THE highlight of our holiday.

I didn?t spent to much time for the preparation of this trip as it?s a ?all-in? package you buy. As we liked to do a cross country we took a domestic flight from New Delhi to Guwahati (Assam), India. At the border of Samdrup Jonkhar our guide was waiting for us. After filling in the necessary immigration documents we were taken to a restaurant where we had our first Bhutanese lunch. Then it was still a very long drive to Tashigang where we arrived late evening, around 21:30 due to several road works and bad road conditions. Upon arrival a small but very good buffet was waiting for us.

In the morning we saw how beautiful it was, from the restaurant we had a nice view on the Tashigang dzong which we visited some time later. From there we went to Ranjung village to visit the Rangjung Yoedselcholing Monastery, founded by Garab Rinpoche. A very motivated monk explained all kinds of stuff, going from the beautiful paintings to the more indept meaning of the Bhoudisme. After a short drive to Radhi village we went back to Tashigang.

The previous day was used to recuperate from the transfer from India, today we will start the trekking. Mr. Chime personally came with us to ensure all arrangements were ok. We left the hotel with the minivan and drove for 2,5 hours (only 30km) east to the starting point of the trek. First a picknick lnch was foreseen in a small local monastry at a very original setting. Then we hiked for some time and witnessed a ceremony held by an important Lama.

Our first camp was next a prayer hut in a beautifull setting. Around the campfire we had diner and went to bed early.

The next morning we woke up with the sound of the donkeys. Hot water was provided for the morning toilet and we started the day with a good breakfast. We didn?t had to worry about the washing-up or to tidy up the camp, all was taking care of.

We walked along a hill en a single house took our attention. An 85 year old man was living there for meditation. We enjoyed his invitation to his house and received some slices cucumber and a local fruit. Further into the village people ask us into their house for ?ara?, the local self made wine. The only saw Westerners from television and were very curious to meet us.

Our next camp was setup at the beautiful location of the Bokar monastry, located on a hilltop with a 360° view. We could visit the evening and morning prayers. During and after dinner the locals came to socialize, with a lot of ara of course.

After an early breakfast we said goodbye to the monks and headed through an oak forest to Bartshen village where our minivan was waiting for us. We really enjoyed this trekking. It was the first time Yeoong Travels organized this trek in this remote area and they did a great job! Although the weather wasn?t perfect, the rest was !

Coming from Tashigang and after 23km driving we took a small gravel road going up to the beautiful Drametse Goempa which is the biggest and most important monastry in Eastern Bhutan. We were lucky, close to the monastry teams were playing an archery game. Some of the players were realy ?in the mood? and danced and sing and even still were able to shoot some arrows. In the early evening we arrived in Mongar. A good room was reserved in the best hotel of town.

Mongar lies at the border of Central Bhutan. From here we made an excursion of 2 days to Lhuentze but first we stopped at the Mongar dzong were locals were studying the dances for the upcoming festivals. One of the highlights of the trip was our home stay at Khoma village, known for its high quality weaving. We stayed in the best room of the house, had dinner together with the family and slept close to the home altar. On the way we also stopped at Menji village and visited the new but not finished statue of Guru Padmasambhava close to the village of Tangmachu.

A long drive brought us to Bhumtang by driving through one of the most beautiful roads in the Himalaya. We had our lunch at the Namling waterfall. The plateau of Sengor lies at 2957m and the Thrumshing La (3780m) pass was covered with clouds and hundreds of prayerflags.

We reserved enough time to visit the Bhumtang valley and stayed here for 4 nights. The valley is dominated by the impressive Jakar dzong and the Chamkhar river. Also the Jambay Lhakhang, which is one of the oldest monastries in the country is very impressive. From here we made a short walk to the Kujey Lhakhang which is one of the holiest places where Guru Rinpoche left a print in a meditation cave. Our guide Sonam was very knowledgeble and gave us an indept explanation when we visited the temples.

The next day we went back to the Jambay Lhakhang as the Jambay Lhakhang festival was starting. We enjoyed the openingsceremony with the fire blessing dance, mask dance and the secret ?naked dance?. It was very crowed. A lot of locals. The next day we returned to see the dancers by daylight. The costumes were amazing and we were able to take a lot of beautiful pictures and film. At the same time and next the festival area several people installed some small stalls to sell food, souvenirs, ... a kind of marked. We found a very beautifull thankha , handpainted and with natural colors. We couldn?t resist and bought it.

Another excursion was to the ?burning lake? and the Tang valley, a very beautiful vallei also named ?Little Switzerland?. We made a short hike to the Ugyen Cholling which is now a museum, very interesting but not wel maintained.

As we stayed a bit to long in Bhumthang, we had to hurry a bit to reach the Phobjikha valley in time where a room was booked for us in another homestay. We didn?t visit the Trongsa dzong which looked very impressive from the outside.

The only minor point in our travel program was lack of time to visit the Phobjikha valley. You can make here nice walks. We saw some black necked cranes but you need a telescope to see them. It?s forbidden to go into the valley as it?s a protected area fror the birds.

On the road to Thimphu we visited the Chimi Lhakhang which is reachable by half an hour walk through the rice fields. A little bit further lies the beautifull and important Punakha dzong at the crossing of 2 rivers. It?s one of the most important dzongs of Bhutan.

We can?t be very enthousiast about Thimphu. The weekend marked is nice, National Memorial Chorten and the Takin preserve you must see. The National Library and the National Institude of Zorig Chusum were closed as it was Sunday but the Tashichho Dzong was open for visit. During the week it?s only open as from 5pm. The main tempel is amazing, lots of gold, lots of detail, it convinces you of the importance of Bhoeddism in Bhutan.

To have more time the next day our guide brought us already to the resort in Paro. From here we visited the Haa valley. A very beautiful place reachable by a good road. At the Cheley Laa pas (3822m) it?s a bit cloudy and unfortunately when we arrived in Haa it was raining. 3 mountians symbolising Rigsum Gonpo; Jampelyang, Chana Dorji en Chenrizi. The valley has 2 small but very important tempels, Lhakhang Karpo (white tempel) en Lhakhang Nagpo (black tempel).

The last highlight of our tour was the visit of the Takthsang Gompa of Tijgersnest, the famous tempel located on a small rock above a 900m diep ravine. It?s a beautiful hike to the viewpoint. But the visit of the tempel is interesting to as it?s the holiest place in Bhutan.

We had a great holiday and mr. Chime from Yeoong Travels did everything to make our stay memorable. I hope to go back one time.

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Yeoong Travel - The best

We recently returned from our trip to Bhutan. After a lot of research we selected Bhutantourpackage.com with Yeoong Travel. Karma Chime is the owner and the process of organising the trip, payment and itinerary was painless.

Our trip included a visit to the Tigers Nest which was well worth the trek.

Overall as first time visitors to Asia and taking on board our additional experiences to Delhi and Kerala, nothing can compare to Bhutan.

Many thanks to the team at Yeoong Travel.

All the best

Damian & Elaine


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