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Dobji Dzong
So is this dzong considered to be Paro or Haa
09-28 04:30
The tourism council of Bhutan's website has this Dzong listed under Haa however some websites list this being under the Paro Dzong. Which one is correct. We currently have this listed under Haa since there's very few resources under the Haa section
Dobji Dzong
02-03 04:25
Dobji Dzong falls under Paro Dzongkhang. Logically when Dawakha is under Paro, obviously Dobji Dzong will be under Paro because Dobji is comes before Dawakha... Just my view
Dobji Dzong
02-11 12:40
Thank you for the information on Dobji Dzong. We'll make sure it entered properly in our system. Please let us know if you have any additional information on this dzong.
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