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Dewachen Hotel
Dewachen Hotel
02-03 09:32
I really like this hotel for its nice interiors, decors, spacey room, and it just looks class and comfortable (not to mention it has quite a good view of the Phobjikha valley). But there are 2 problems that I feel need improvement: (1) Occasional power outage (main issue in the region), and (2) food quality is rather sub-standard. Highly recommended (considering the room rate) for any traveler, be it solo or family.
Never stayed in Dewachen
02-04 11:55
I have never stayed at Dewachen or been to Phobjikha, However it does look like a very decent hotel from their photos. I am sure the power situation will improve as time goes by. Food is a big problem in Bhutan for visitors, mainly because Bhutan doesn't have a restaurant or street food culture that's part of most Asian countries.
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