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No new Tour operators
Not really sure what they hope to achieve with this move, but could be good thing.
09-24 02:00
I am not sure what the TCB hopes to achieve with this decision. The article gives absolutely no clue as to what their motivation was, other than saying that they 'that existing tour operators have offices with proper communication facilities to conduct daily business'. It could be that they're trying protect the current stackholders and operators by limiting new entrants? I that case it's a bad decision, because if new entrants have the means and determination to enter this lucrative industry they should be allowed. On the other hand this could also very a good move as far as the future of tourism industry as a whole. Given how lucrative it is, it seems that everyone and their mother in Bhutan wants to set up a tour operator. This could prevent those entities or individuals looking to make a quick profit and spare the $250 spending tourists having to deal with inexperienced operators.
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