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Tour operator expecting more tourists this season.

By admin 04-10-2014

Spring marks the onset of the tourist season in Bhutan and with it begins preparations.


U.S funds for the documentation of Wangdichhoeling palace.

By anonymousUser 10-24-2012

The documentation of the 19th century Wangduechhoeling Palace in Bumthang, the first step in its conservation, is expected to begin soon, with the U.S. ambassador's fund for cultural preservation (AFCP) grant award.


Chhubu Hotsprings Punakha

By admin 10-16-2012

The place is muddy and humid. But it's seething with heat. It is far-flung and inhospitable. But the place is throbbing with life. Chhubu Tshachhu (hot springs) in Punakha is nature at its most bountiful.

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Submit your photos, articles and other resources

By admin 09-27-2012

Bhutan.la is looking for more user submitted images of resources listed here as well as articles and write up from users of this site. If you have any photos, please feel free to click on the 'upload images' link to upload photos. If you know of a resource that is not listed please feel free to submit it.


Rate increase proposed to support the Tourism council secreteriat

By admin 09-24-2012

Tourism Council of Bhutan: Tour operators are reconsidering their earlier stand and have come up with a proposal to support the secretariat of the tourism council, which is to be delinked from government.

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