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About Bhutan.la

Date : Thu Nov 11 12:00:00 EST 2010

Bhutan.la is a directory site targeted towards both visitors to Bhutan and Bhutanese who want travel around Bhutan. This site in time will contain a comprehensive list of places to see and visit, hotels, restaurants etc. All users of this site can easily update or improve any listing and help improve the quality of the information. They can also post reviews and comments about anything listed in here.

If you are someone who has already visited Bhutan, you can use this site to review the resources you used during your visit to Bhutan. Were you really impressed by how organized your tour operator was? Liked how well the guides took care of you. Didn't care for the hotel you were put up in? Let others know by writing a review here. Your input here will here will help other visitors to Bhutan make informed choices.

You can also make use this site if you are someone who has business or are involved in the tourism industry in Bhutan in some way. Make sure your resources are listed here and potential new customers and make them aware of the services you provide. This site will provide you with another venue to reach out to potential new customer and reviews on this site will be helpful in getting valuable customer input.

Our goal is help tour operators and those in tourism industry in Bhutan better address visitor concerns and and in turn help visitors have a better experience.

Thank you and Tashi Delek

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