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Dhensa Boutique Resort

Location : Punakha

Dhensa Boutique Resort is located in the terraced paddy fields of Punakha river valley. This property will be opening in march 2014. There are six cottages which contain 24 suites, all of which have private balcony. The property is tastefully designed integrating elements of Bhutanese architure with contemporary modern design. The resort has yoga, sauna and steam room facilities, as well as a spa and reading room. There is a dining room which serves Bhutanese, western and Asian cusine.

Nearby attractions include the Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup Lhakhang Nunnery which is just a five minute trek up the resort.

Last Updated :05-04-2014 Link :http://dhensa.com/ Images
Dhensa Boutique Resport Dhensa Boutique Resport Dhensa Boutique Resort Dhensa Boutique Resort
Anyone know if this is actually open yet?
Tue Mar 25 14:12:32 EDT 2014

According to the website this hotel is supposed to be opened in March 2015, however there is no news. Tripadvisor doesn't have a listing of this hotel. Anyone know if this is open yet?

By : anonymousUser
Fri Apr 04 00:15:07 EDT 2014

yes it is operational, we stayed there for a night last week.

By : anonymousUser
How was it?
Sun Apr 06 23:19:59 EDT 2014

we'd be interested in hearing how it was. It looks really stunning and it's probably well managed. Would you guys be willing to post a review here? Thanks

By : anonymousUser
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